Immerse Yourself

Submerge yourself into the world. Live fully, dive into passion with abandon, taste all life has to offer. Do this with consciousness and all that you are drawn to will reveal much of yourself to you. Feast on every experience as well as every lesson. After some time, once you have enjoyed all that is in the world, renunciation will come. Calmness will come. Renunciation before this can only be done with violence, and cannot be true renunciation. Without having lived fully, renunciation is nothing more than another power game of the ego, a subtle violence vacillating between shame and false triumph. Until you have fulfilled your desires, until you have passed through those desires, it is not possible for you to arrive at that state of calmness and serenity. Go fully into life with no guilt, no shame, allow life to change you and to show you who you are.


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