The Androgyne, a pinnacle of majesty, embodies Active Feminine power. Her ability to dance between Masculine and Feminine with ease, is how she dominates, attracting all. The Androgyne is uncanny, and supernatural, which is precisely how she is able to seduce is great numbers. She is not, as many claim, exclusively interested in her personal appearance and material opulence, though these are more than worthwhile pursuits.

For her, these are symbols of the aristocratic superiority of her personality. What is her ruling passion? What constitution produces so haughty a caste? It is, above all, an inflamed desire to acquire originality within the boundaries of convention. The Androgyne is a cult of her own, an Idolatress who worships Herself. She delights in causing astonishment while comfortable in the cocoon of her own meticulous design.


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