March to the Sea

The hunter is now the hunted. The prince is now the pauper. The void seeps into your veins and the heart grows weaker. The inevitable draws close. There is no hope to abandon. There is no shelter to hide. Nothing can save you from annihilation. There is no escape from the rising tide. Remember when you told me we would give everything to this? Here we are darling, let’s dive in. She is Sherman and I am the fire. Together we watch it all burn.

As you sweep up the ashes, assess the damage and attempt to salvage the remains. Remember the face of the monster you created. The monster who returned to transform everything that you claim to love into dust.

It is a tale told by madness. The court jester who entertains the king and mesmerizes the crowd. She talks. She twirls. She calculates their demise. Her smile is filled with poison. Her mouth is filled with blood. Chaos is a Woman. Vengeance is one too.