The land of Gods and Monsters is the land of ass and titties. Where the marijuana is sticky and the maidens are Heavenly bodies in all shades of coffee. Paradise is regained for those who dare to challenge the boundaries set and subvert the rules ready to be broken.

Beneath the shade with a drink in one hand and another in waiting. My eyes are transfixed. Sand slips between her feet, hair swirling in the ocean breeze, ass peeks out of her one piece. Life has been much worse than this. Nothing to complain about with a view like this.

Black bombshell, skin like double espresso—no cream, two sugars. Stereoscopic hair, luscious lips, Goddess hips. Penthouse at the Heartbreak Hotel. Cleo bats her lashes and parts those lips, always trust a great ass and a wry smirk. Hands around her waist. Hand around her neck. Between her legs is slippery wet. Cleo allows total freedom upon proof of care and discernment.

Jaw unhinged—an open invitation, an all access pass, an offer I cannot refuse. I said the meaning of life is at the bottom of glass. I am right. Cleo said the meaning of life is inside of her pussy. She is better.