The spider weaves a web, adapted to its location and spun in a pattern, simple or complex. Once the web is woven, the work is done. The spider has no need to hunt. She simply waits for the next fool to fall into the web’s barely visible strands. Down the rabbit hole she tumbles wearing Doc Martens and bubblegum lipstick. Who she becomes is a work in progress. Where she goes is to be determined. What she discovers remains to be seen.

Charlotte entangles herself in the web I have designed. She twists and writhes. She waivers and falters. To be (devoured and consumed) or not to be is the question. The answer is already provided. The desire is intrinsic. Location is a matter of happenstance. You are cordially invited inside the belly of Leviathan
make yourself at home.

I welcome you to the void fair maiden. We sincerely hope you enjoy the stay. There are mysteries around each corner. Questions at the end of each answer. There is beauty. There is madness. Pain and pleasure waltz with bliss and anguish. As host, I act as guide. Clear eyes familiar with the shifting labyrinth. What happens is to be determined. Triumph is not without risk. Love is not without loss.