Sugar (Party + Bullshit)

Has it so she flaunts it. She spoils me fucking rotten. Madame Whorebucks, gives me more bucks. Cash on the dresser, I’m a 1985 whore Tattoos and ass everywhere, dick appointment shorts, red hair doesn’t give a fuck. Splash waterfalls, AirBNB when I’m inside her. I stay as long as I want, she even gave me a key. Pussy pops around the clock. Goddamn it, we shoot candids. Stomach soft. Thighs majestic. I am the High Priestess of Hell. She is one of my favorite demons.

I got two hoes in the back and one more in the front. We have a whole lot of blunts. I serve a whole lot of cunt. I teach them—get your money hoe, above all else because this world don’t give a fuck, so protect yourself. Countess Blackwell in this hoe, Patron Saint of these stripper bitches. Take them under my wing, she’s finessing you simple niggas. Madame Blackwell, the Father | Mother to these hoes, shit—can’t even step in the vicinity without a check bitch. Price of pussy is on the rise, the numbers are going up. Whole selection of stout bitches, I feel like a million bucks. Fly South for the winter, come fuck with the winning team. Pussy. Money. Weed. I’m the Ghetto American Dream.