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Ghetto Aristocrat

Abandon All Convention, She who enters here.


I am Countess Blackwell—Ghetto Aristocrat, Transsexual Courtesan and Transformational Dominatrix. A paradox, an Androgyne, an anachronism. High Priestess of Hell, Mistress of Pleasure and Hospitality.

I am your guide, your partner in licentiousness.

Our time together will be unbridled and unbounded—beyond the binary, the familiar, the traditional. The Countess Blackwell Experience dances between light and dark, flows between masculine and feminine, carouses between Madonna and Whore. Countess Blackwell is for the passionate, ambitious, and forward thinking woman. A woman unfazed by indulging her more eccentric desires, a woman unrelenting in her pursuit of pleasure. If you are such a woman, I am your paramour in waiting.

By Appointment: countessblackwell [at]

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