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The Dangers of Isolationism

It is vanity, the isolated ego, that is often our undoing. “I have to do this. I have to do that. I alone can fix it.” The truth is that “I” only chooses and observes—doing is the responsibility of the subconscious. She who sets out to achieve anything with the mindset that it is up to them and only them, will be engulfed by a myriad of problems and decisions. Not one of us is an island. As long as we carry within us a sense of having to do everything on our own, we inevitably fail at what we attempt to do. Life is collaborative, nature is symbiotic and cyclical, the feminine divine is relational.

Vanity is an acute sense of separateness. This isolation causes us to see all things and people as obstacles in our path. It draws us in and closes us up. Separateness gives birth to hate, violence, resentment, and belligerence. When we release vanity, when we see the underlying unity of life and reject isolation, we invite a great power into our lives that arranges our world according to our highest good. We meet people who are aligned with our energy and bring out the best in the people and the relationships that bring out the best in us.

The bookends of life are great equalizers. We arrive into life naked and depart the same way. Yet, we often behave as if the most important thing in life is to best our neighbors—better car, better job, better clothes. We frustrate ourselves and waste our energies on the relentless nature of capitalistic competition.

Respectability and its attending privileges are awarded to those who participate in this relentless keeping up, centered around “achievements” and purchases that all just so happen to cost quite a lot of money. The next rung is always just ahead, we’re always chasing a carrot on a string we can’t quite reach.

Caught in this wheel, we deal with the world as if it were an enemy aimed at thwarting us and the world appears as we conceive it to be, as it always must. The more opposition we see, the more frantic we become, the more we are stuck on the endless wheel of our thoughts and conceptions.

Cast aside reclusiveness. We do nothing by ourselves and are never alone. We are not isolated from the world—we are both part of it and the whole of it. The world is a friend when we are friendly with ourselves. Make the world an enemy and we only harm ourselves. Be both celebratory and gracious in the face of accomplishment, a silent acknowledgement to our internal and eternal co-conspirator.

Cast aside guilt. Who among us avoids mistakes? Do not feel guilty for mistakes in thought and action. Shit happens. Mistakes are learning opportunities. Guilt has no place in our lives. Guilt holds on to mistakes and causes them to occur again. Guilt isolates us from our internal partner, the Subconscious. Isolation and guilt are the destroyers of happiness, and the creators of numerous illusions.

Feel the underlying unity of the universe and vanity begins to slip away. Know only the eternal now—no past, no future, only a present that always exists and guilt begins to dissolve.  Nothing that we feel guilty for can be fixed in the past, even any rectifications for missteps can only happen in the present. A Goddess does not chastises or destroys herself. Shame and remorse are poisonous weeds. When we are alert to these harbingers of misery, we allow them no country in our lives.

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