I am by nature, warlike. I am made for battle. I find solace in the midst of chaos. I thrive on conflict. I was made for this moment. As I stated in a Declaration, we are at war. The State has decided to come after us, threatening our livelihood, and our lives. This is an age of chaos and uncertainty—fear and anxiety are healthy, and understandable reactions.

At the same time, after several deep breaths, a lot of marijuana, and a journey through my personal library, I remembered something critical—none of what is currently happening is new. Shitty, no doubt, but not novel. That matters because service providers have been dealing with bullshit from repressive assholes for thousands of years. We survived then. We will survive now.

I am knowledgeable in crowd theory, behavioral economics, and strategies of war. I know how those in power use their knowledge to reprogram + brainwash minds and understand the behind the curtain machinations of governments. This understanding allows me to see patterns where others see chaos, to see opportunities where others see calamity.

Together, we plan, execute, and strategize. Together, we will endure, thrive, and survive. The way out is through. Let she who want peace, prepare for war.

Stay Safe + Much Love
General Countess Blackwell

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