Erotica Sexualis

Sex is one of the most powerful way to relax the body and mind. Consciously used for this purpose, sex energy can be channeled to focus healing energy to any part of the body, release tension overall or to set the intention to lay down burdens and be completely in the moment. Sex is one of our best natural opportunities to practice being totally present, which we can then bring into all aspects of our life. Sharing the energies of love is a form of communication that clears the mind + restore the body.

The time spent in bed before going to sleep contains some of the most precious moments of the day. Removed from the world, one can better contact your own natural energy. Although sexual energy should be nourished and channeled whatever time of day feels right for you, this natural nightly gateway makes for a potent time for using sexual relaxation and healing techniques.

The more we can move into our natural energy before sleep, the more we are able to set the tone to wake up the following morning with the emotions and intentions we set for ourselves the night before. By sleeping consciously, one can enter the dream world, deriving enjoyment and learning from it. Sexual relaxation and presence work used in combination with the intention to relax and experience bliss into sleep and through to the morning allows us to use natural connections to the subconscious to bring our natural energy into our daily lives.

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