Sexual Alchemy is the birthright of womanhood, the natural divinity of femininity, practiced and harnessed. Woman embodies the senses in their exalted form, and is nourished by the release of erotic energy. Autoeroticism is the foundational practice by which femmes gain command over sexual reflexes and learn to channel infinitely creative and fruitful flows of energy.

As with all meditation and ritual, a session begins with the focus and cleansing of the body and space. Music, scents, herbs, crystals, sacred instruments, lush blankets or warm bath water, attention to lighting and setting can all be applied to create the space of the ritual. Whichever methods a practitioner employs, she does so to clear the mind, focusing on her breath and intention for the session. Intention can and often should be as simple as feeling good or connecting to the body. Intention that applies and alchemizes sexual energy for use should only be done once a practitioner is seasoned in consciously wielding this magic.

Women have numerous effective methods of self-gratification. Simple rocking movements, gently caressing parts of the body can stimulate the sexual center. Energy flows freely when we are open to what the body asks, nurturing its wants and needs with openness and understanding. Deep, rhythmic breathing can bring a woman to orgasm, as can erotic fantasy. The femme body is a gateway; masturbation is a way for women to nourish her own eroticism, and learn to please the deities that dwell within her.

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