The Androgyne

The Androgyne, a pinnacle of majesty, embodies Active Feminine power. Her ability to dance between Masculine and Feminine with ease, is how she dominates, attracting all. The Androgyne is uncanny, and supernatural, which is precisely how she is able to seduce is great numbers. She is not, as many claim, exclusively interested in her personal... Continue Reading →


She is a charming woman, discreet and courteous—she dances in a manner that is uncanny and dreamlike, she stirs the hearts and genitalia of countless in awe of her majesty. Who should I compare her, this lovely woman, so blessed by the divine intelligence of nature herself, if not to a Siren—possessing an attraction so... Continue Reading →


Masculine and Feminine represent positive and negative energy. On the mental plane, they represent time and space. Normally, these forces are at opposite poles. During the sexual interaction however, they move out of their position, coming together at a central point where an explosion of energy occurs. This joining of the masculine and feminine happens... Continue Reading →

The Left Hand Path

The Left Hand Path has an extensive history, most notably associated with the ceremonial sex magic rituals of numerous spiritual traditions. Western society, to this day, discriminates against the left handed, sometimes even forcing left hand dominant children to use their right hand. The left side of the body is connected to the right hemisphere... Continue Reading →

Love + Hate

Love survives. Hate falters. Compassion endures. Anger comes and goes. Hate cannot extinguish love anymore than darkness can extinguish light. If love is present, hate dissolves. If light is there, darkness disappears. Hate fights and struggles with its extinction, but the more we love, the more hate is impossible. Hate does not kill love, it... Continue Reading →


I am by nature, warlike. I am made for battle. I find solace in the midst of chaos. I thrive on conflict. I was made for this moment. As I stated in a Declaration, we are at war. The State has decided to come after us, threatening our livelihood, and our lives. This is an... Continue Reading →

Erotica Sexualis

Sex is one of the most powerful way to relax the body and mind. Consciously used for this purpose, sex energy can be channeled to focus healing energy to any part of the body, release tension overall or to set the intention to lay down burdens and be completely in the moment. Sex is one... Continue Reading →


Sexual Alchemy is the birthright of womanhood, the natural divinity of femininity, practiced and harnessed. Woman embodies the senses in their exalted form, and is nourished by the release of erotic energy. Autoeroticism is the foundational practice by which femmes gain command over sexual reflexes and learn to channel infinitely creative and fruitful flows of... Continue Reading →

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